Media Release

Media Release

1 November 2019
Grant Announcement
Open Captions Australia are our newest recipients of an Auslan Services Foundation grant. OCA (Open Captions Australia) is aimed at improving accessibility in our local cinemas and across the country, by working in partnerships with the industry to deliver public open captioned screenings to be enjoyed by those that benefit from them. Click here to read more.

18 October 2019
Grant Announcement
We are excited to share with you the latest round of Expression Deaf Grant recipients. Their ideas and passion represent all that is great about our community. Click here to read more.

23 September 2019
Monday the 23rd of September marks the International Day of Sign Languages.
To celebrate, we’re posting never-before-seen footage of Tayla Percy, a member of the Deaf Children Australia DeafHood 2018 YMCA Victoria Youth Parliament team. Click here to read more.

September 2019
Village Cinemas the first major cinema to formally partner with Open Captions Australia.
Village Cinemas has partnered with Open Captions Australia, making them the first major cinema chain to partner with the volunteer run organisation and formalise an always-on open captions program, providing regular sessions across Victoria. Click here to read more.

1 August 2019
Frederick deaf community inches closer to ‘equal access’ at the movies.
As the liaison between the Frederick deaf community and Westview Cinemas, Nat Balsley, who is deaf, said that he works to make sure open captioning is accessible to younger generations, like his son, Ryland, who is also deaf. Click here to read more.

22 July 2019
Lauren Ridloff to be first deaf superhero for Marvel!
Submerged among all the “stars” confirmed to appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s five upcoming films was deaf actress Lauren Ridloff. Click here to read more.

20 June 2019
Cinemas without subtitles on big screen are spoiling movie magic for deaf cinemagoers.
Alexandra McKenzie loves watching movies, but a trip to the cinema is usually a frustrating and disappointing experience. Click here to read more.

20 February 2019
Two Vermont Movie Theaters to Provide Open-Caption Screenings.
When Charlotte resident John Quinney began to lose his hearing, going to the movies became an unpleasant affair. Click here to read more.

31 January 2019
Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Moviegoers Take Their Fight for More Open Caption Screenings to the Council.
To see and enjoy a film in a movie theater as a deaf or hard-of-hearing person, you have two options.  Click here to read more.


22 January 2019
Sydney cinemas that hold open captioned screenings.
Deaf and hearing-impaired movie fans can have the same experience as other moviegoers in Sydney thanks to a campaign for more open captioned screenings. Click here to read more.


1 November 2018
Why Australian cinemas should offer open captions.
The “subtitles” button changed my life. In the age of online streaming where subtitles are readily available, it’s strange that cinemas are not adapting as well. Click here to read more.


19 September 2018
Movie Theaters Are Often Frustrating For The Deaf Community. This Bill Could Help.
Theaters in D.C. would be required to offer open captions for some of their film showings to improve the movie-going experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing people, under a new bill introduced by Ward 6 Council member. Click here to read more.


3 September 2018
Campbelltown cinema offers captions to help deaf viewers.
Most Macarthur residents enjoy watching a movie at the cinemas but for Tracey Clissold it has been a difficult or uncomfortable experience. The Campbelltown resident was born deaf, which means watching a movie is not a simple task. Click here to read more.


3 July 2018
Deaf Children Australia Deafhood’s Emotional Cinema Closed Captioning Bill is Passed with Overwhelming Support.
Imagine going to the cinema with your friends, except there is no audio. You can’t understand anything being said so you have to rely on your expertise of lip reading. Click here to read more.


26 June 2018
Time to be heard.
Pearcedale local, Kelly Sparks is looking to make her mark on the political world when she participates in the YMCA Youth Parliament of Victoria, beginning on 2 July. Click here to read more.


13 May 2018
Deaf at the movies: how theaters aren’t always inclusive.
The time has arrived for summer blockbusters to do their best to bring in moviegoers during a season most of us want to spend outside. Click here to read more.


2 May 2018
Movie Theater Captioning, Part 4 of 4: We’re Not Done Yet.
Open captioning is great. The captions are right there on the screen. We don’t need to self-identify and pick up a viewing device. Click here to read more.


26 February 2018
Nyle DiMarco calls for better captioning in cinemas after screening of ‘Black Panther’.
Deaf model and activist Nyle DiMarco took to Twitter to express his frustrations of not being able to access a subtitled cinema showing. Click here to read more.


17 February 2017
Why I’m petitioning for more subtitled movies in cinemas.
I’ve gone through 20 years of my life and only seen about 15 subtitled movies in the cinema. Click here to read more.


23 March 2015
Brisbane cinema leads the way in open caption films to make life easier for Queensland’s deaf community.
A small cinema in Brisbane is offering open captioning on feature films in a bid to reduce social isolation in the deaf community. Click here to read more.


10 July 2000
Captioned Movies to Hit the Big Screen.
Cinemas in Melbourne and Sydney will carry out a two-month trial of captioned movies as part of an inquiry into making cinema more accessible to people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment. Click here to read more.