What is Open Captions Australia?

Open Captions Australia (OCA) is an incorporated organisation aimed at representing patrons who love and want to see movies with Open Captions (OC) on the big screen. Our target audience are people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, senior citizens with hearing difficulties, have English as second language, their family and friends or simply people who enjoy OC. OCA aims to continue liaising with cinemas across Australia to program their OC screenings to be on a regular basis for the community.
We have sub-branches in all states; Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.

OCA’s aim is to promote Open Captions (OC) for the benefits of accessibility for communities where people are treated as equals with the dignity and respect they deserve.  

OCA works with cinemas who are able to schedule Open Captioned (OC) movie sessions and provides cinemas with feedback from our patrons which movies and locations are in demand. OCA also promotes all movie sessions that will have OC, including sessions that not organised by OCA.

Yes, our website www.opencaptions.com.au promotes all open captioned movies at all participating cinemas in Australia (to our knowledge). These screenings are organised by cinemas. OCA promotes the event and only provide the details, so you will have to either buy tickets on the cinema’s website or at the box office.

If there are OC sessions, or cinemas using OC not being promoted on this website, please contact us and let us know.

Theoretically it could. In practice it is very difficult logistically for cinemas. First the cinema needs to check whether a movie has an OCAP file, this information may be given to the cinema two weeks in advance if they are lucky. The cinema requests the OCAP file from the distributors. Sometimes we don’t know whether the movie has an OCAP file until the movie DCP (digital cinema package) has arrived in Australia which could be 1-3 days before the release date.
Once confirmed that the movie has an OCAP file, the cinema will then book a time slot, and start promoting once we receive the confirmation that the cinema has the key to OCAP, we require 2-3 weeks of promoting to ensure enough people know about it and that the event is well attended.

OCA is currently working on trying to get more advance notification about whether a movie has an OCAP file or not.

In terms of the difference between Open Captions (OC) and Closed Captions (CC) – Open Captions means everyone in the audience can see the captions on the big screen, and no one can opt out if it is turned on.
CC means everyone in the audience can’t see it, and only people who have the devices (ie Captiview) can see the captions and toggled on. These devices are cumbersome and don’t always work when switched on, and there are occupational therapy concerns of looking at a device close to the person, then looking up at a big screen some distance away – migraines have been known to develop from using CC devices.

Screenings are generally held on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis in each state. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions may be held if there is demand in an area.

There are a number of ways to support OCA:

  • Individuals can apply to become a member and join the committee of OCA to volunteer and contribute.
  • Cinemas can provide Open Caption (OC) screenings and promote these on their websites, in newspapers and at their venues. Cinema managers can encourage other cinemas to provide OC screenings too. 
  • Organisations and charities can promote OCA screenings, contribute to OCA via sponsorship, or host combined screening and fundraising. 

OCA Ticketing FAQ

When you click on a poster of a movie you want to see, you will be directed to the event page which shows details and opportunity to buy tickets.

You can visit the cinema page on our website to find information and the link to visit the cinema’s membership page to sign up.

The screening may be tentative, and we will not allow any ticket sales until the screening time slot is confirmed and the OCAP file is confirmed and available. Please check later or wait for an announcement in our monthly newsletter or on social media.

If the event is not organised by Open Captions Australia, we do not sell any tickets on behalf. We are only promoting the event, so please read the details in the event description on how to purchase tickets which may be via the cinema’s website, or box office, or another organisation’s website.