Auslan in Cinemas

What is Auslan?

Auslan is short for Australian Sign Language, a language developed by and for, Australians who are Deaf or hearing impaired. It’s a visual form of communication that uses hand, arm and body movements to convey meaning.

Is Auslan used in other countries?

No, Auslan is uniquely Australian. Just like different languages are spoken around the world, people who are Deaf use different sign languages depending on where they come from (it’s estimated there are 130 sign languages around the world). Due to historical similarities, Auslan is more like British Sign Language (BSL) than American Sign Language (ASL), which means Australians can often understand BSL and vice versa.

Auslan Signbank is a language resources site for learning Auslan:

Cinema Deaf Awareness and Auslan Training:

Expression Australia

Auslan Consulting


South Australia:
Deaf Can:Do

Western Australia:

Northern Territory:
Deaf NT

Deaf Services

New South Wales:
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